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Electric Surrey Bikes quadcycle Videos, Videos for tourist cart

This is the first Video shot for ETC-400 (Enhanced version) Electric Surrey Bike.
The video was shot in Taiwan on March 20, 2017.

As you can see, the electric surrey bike can climb 12 degree slope easily.
Miaoli Xihu Township Office.(local government in Taiwan)

SIFONCO electric surrey bike (Style No.ETC-400) traveled at Forest Recreation Area in Hualian Taiwan.
Happens to have a helicopter flying and keep accompany with us.

Sifonco Cruiser surrey bike runs in a Forest. Is it too fast for people to drive? This slow moving vehicle used DC motor + LFP battery set, zero pollution, zero emission to environment.
Actual speed is about 15km/hour = 9 miles/hour.

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